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Uncousious habits to break if you need to lose weight quickly

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Most people wants to lose weight but how many actually know the right way to do it? Believe it or not, they are the habits that stop us from losing weight and getting that envious body.

You have to think before you eat

You are sad so you eat! You are happy so you eat! The result shows on your waistline. Stop that mindless eating habit. It means that you are piling on useless calories. If you do feel like munching think fruits and nuts instead of ice creams and chocolates or mineral. So, pause and think.

Don’t be lazy

It is so easy to simply give up on exercising and get lazy for a few days. The problem here is to restart the schedule once again. This is a problem with most women because after you stop, you tend to gain more weight and also, it means that you are back to square 1 and need to start hectic all over again. So, don’t stop.

Don’t just sit there

So you are sitting at your desk job, without ever getting up. Can you imagine what it can do to your legs and thighs. Stop sitting at one place and get moving. You should move every now and then so that the body is in motion and you are able to get that metabolism kick-started. So, get up!

Yes, there is something like over excising, stop

Yes I want to lose weight, but i am aware it is a gradual process and not a days job. The result is that your muscles are sore, the body is over-tired and you should be glad that you are still standing. Stop that habit of overexercising. Do start off in moderation, but keep pushing yourself that extra bit. Else, you will never really get there. So, calm down.

No pain, no gain

You want the easy way to lose weight and there is none. So all of those diet pills and exercise gimmicks are not really going to work. Break this crazy habit of finding the easy route and get into gear. Else, you will never ever lose weight. So, do the right thing.

Do not starve yourself

A mindless habit of skipping meals or starving will not get you too far. It will mean temporary weight loss, but more of weight gain when you eat. So avoid starving and opt for smaller portions instead. This will help you attain long-term weight loss.

You need to read the label of that packaged food

Read on the label what you are eating. If it is a low fat cereal, check whether it is really low or fat or has zero transfats. Simply buying without reading or getting an idea about what you are doing will not aid in weight loss. So, get reading.

Drinking too much caffeine

Imagine all those calories with just coffee? Skip that coffee habit and switch to green tea or decaf coffee without milk and sugar. It will really help you get closer to weight loss. So, drink the right thing.


Stop cheating on meals. It is a habit that you eat more on cheat meals, but not so much that you make up for that entire week of healthy eating. So make sure you don’t cheat too  much on meals. So, quite cheating.


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