Michael Blackson Slams $130million Lawsuit Against TSR For Releasing His Sex Tape

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Ghanaian comedian based in the US, Michael Blackson has made a move against online platform, The Shade Room after it released a footage of his solo sex tape.

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The comedian who revealed that he is suing the entertainment website $10 million for every inch of his manhood revealed that he is slamming a whopping $130M suit against it for releasing his sex tape.

The comedian further alleged that the sex tape in which a full frontal of him was displayed was the handiwork of his ex, a bitter one at that.

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Michael Blackson who went on to rant on his Instagram page noted: “First of all, that’s not a hotel, that’s my house in Delaware I bought back in 2008.‘That pic looks about 4 years old because I was lighter back then, my ex is still mad about her bladder infection and the bitch misses the mutombo.”

He added regarding the lawsuit worth $130 million;

“They thought I was joking about suing them? I want $10 million for every inch of my dick you showed on your page so ya going to owe me about $130 million or imma just own the shaderoom and call that shit the dark room.”

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