US based Nigerian Woman pleads guilty to the Murder of her husband

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Temitope Adebamiro, a US based Nigerian Woman and wife to Adeyinka Adebamiro, has pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband.

The couple, who had been married for ten years with two children were said to have been having a lot of marital issues, which led to the murder of Mr Adeyinka.

On the night of the murder, Mrs Adebamiro, told the investigators that she was sent back to Nigeria by her husband for several months. When she got back to US in December, she stayed over at Philadelphia airport for about four days because her husband  did not grant her access to their home.

Mr Adeyinka, eventually paid her flight back to Nigeria asking her to spend a few more months over there, it was then she got the information  that her husband  was having an affair with their nanny’s daughter hence the reason he sent her back home.

Eventually, the husband came over to Nigeria and they both went back to the US, while showing her the camera of their home in his phone, Temitope observed that the nanny’s daughter was in their home and also saw several texts messages and images on his phone, showing they were together. She took pictures  of them and some other images involving her sister and the nanny’s daughter.

On the night of the murder,  they were both relaxing in the sitting room watching television  and discussing, when her husband discovered the photos she had taken from his phone according to the reports from the court.

He got furious and shouted at her which led to a heated argument. She told the court at that moment there was power outage, but the court checked with Delmara Power,which indicated there was no power outage as at that time.

Temitope initially claimed her husband stabbed himself but continuously changed her story, when the police told her his death was not suicide, “she began to nod her head in agreement”, according to the court documents.

A photograph of Mr Adeyinka was found in their home on her dresser. The picture was marked X across the face and a cut mark across his neck, the court document stated.

In the event of  all these happenings, Temitope’s sister, who spoke to Sahara Reports, claimed she was a cheat in her marriage and also was involved  in black magic.

Mrs Temitope Adebamiro, 36, entered a plea to manslaughter and a weapons offence in a superior court in Wilmington on September 16. Her attorney stated that she was able to plead for lesser murder offense under a section of the code for extreme emotional distress.

Instead of proceeding a trial as planned for mid-October,  she faces four to fifty years in prison at a sentencing in December .

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