US Embassy Launches Online VISA Application


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The United States Embassy in Nigeria has launched online visa application process to provide more efficient and faster service to VISA applicants.

In a statement issued by the Embassy, applicants can kickstart their VISA application process online and also upload photos online.

The statement read “The photo upload process is simple. First, applicants should obtain a digital photo that meets the required specifications found on

“Photos must be in color, meet the size requirements, and be taken in front of a plain white or off-white background, among other requirements explained on the site. Applicants may either scan a hard copy of a photo or take one with a digital camera or phone. “Next, applicants should complete their visa application online.

“The system will prompt them to upload their photo and submit their application. Applicants will be required to attempt to upload the photo three times.

“If they are unsuccessful, applicants should carry a hard copy of their passport photo to the US embassy or consulate for uploading there.”
Gary Westfall, non-immigrant visa chief at the US consulate reportedly said the process will save time and also provide better customer service to applicants.

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