US Gunman Kills Four Hostage Children


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A gunman in USA, Florida committed suicide on Monday after killing four children.

The incident started on Sunday in Orlando when a resident called police about a domestic violence spat at an apartment, in response the police deployed officers, one of whom was shot and still remains in hospital in critical condition.

The gunman remained holed up in the apartment overnight and all day Monday with the children, who were aged one, six, 10 and 11.

“A short time ago we made entry into the apartment and found that all four children have been killed by the suspect by apparent gunshot wounds,” Orlando police chief John Mina told a news conference just before midnight.

“It appears the suspect took his own life as well,” Mina added.

Police while trying to keep in contact with the gunman noticed his signal was not good, so they offered him one of their phones.
In doing so, officers saw the body of one child and decided to try to rescue the others. A big boom was heard at the complex at about 9:00 pm, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported.

It said the gunman has been identified as Gary Lindsey, 35, and that he was a felon on probation for arson and other offenses.

Two of the children were believed to be his and other two were of the woman who reported Lindsey for hitting her, the paper said.

That woman called police after fleeing the apartment Sunday night.

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