US Senator Reveals Why Israeli Soldiers Shot 58 Palestinians To Death

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United States senator, Ted Cruz (R – Texas) has revealed the reason behind Monday’s decision of Israeli forces to shoot at Palestinian protesters at the contested Gaza Strip, which led to the death of 58 persons, including a baby who died from tear-gas inhalation.

The killings occurred on the day the US opened its new embassy in Jerusalem, which has been a bone of contention between the Israelis and their Palestine neighbours for years.

Cruz, who was a part of the US Senate contingent to the embassy opening, said leaders of terror group Hamas should be held responsible for provoking the attack.

He said the group used civilians as human shield to launch attacks against the Israeli military personnel guiding the border, prompting the Israeli forces to defend themselves.

Cruz made these known on the floor of the Senate earlier today.

He said, “I rise today to give thanks and celebration for the United States’ embassy established in
#Jerusalem , and for the continued safety and security of the Jewish people, in Israel, and across the world.

“I am proud to have traveled with my fellow Senators to #Jerusalem for official opening of our new embassy. It was a great honor to witness this historic occasion, and a joyous moment to gather with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all Israelis in celebration.

“For the last several months, Hamas has been organizing civilian mobs, with terrorist cells embedded throughout, to attack Israel’s border and the soldiers stationed there.

“The blame for all the deaths – whether terrorists or human shields – is on Hamas and Hamas alone. Any implication otherwise is nothing less than disgusting support for genocidal terrorism, and we must be clear about that.

“They use tire fires to create smoke to cover attacks. And use guns, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, grenades & mechanical catapults to attack the border & Israeli troops. They tie petrol bombs to kites to set fire to Israeli fields & livestock – kites are painted with swastikas.

“As long as the Palestinian people have leaders who manipulate them, lie to the world, and use human shields in their bloody and terrorist campaign against Israel, they can never hope for peace or prosperity. Israel has the right to defend itself.”


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