US Suspends Military Aid to Mali over Removal of President by Soldiers

Tony Abu Momoh
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The United States Government has suspended all military aid to Mali following the removal of President Boubacar Keita by soldiers who placed him alongside the Prime Minister and other top Government officials under arrest.

The US special envoy to the Sahel, Peter Pham announced to the press that Washington has put a stop to the supply of weapons and training for troops of the Malian armed forces.

He said this would subsist until the situation of things became clearer in the West African Country.

“There will be “no further training or support of the Mali armed forces — we have halted everything until we can clarify the situation.”

“It’s not clear which forces are involved in the mutiny, who is involved specifically, where loyalties lie,” Pham said.

Mutinous Soldiers removed the president on Tuesday, in a coup that has applauded within Mali but widely condemned by the international community.

They forced President Keita to resign and dissolve the parliament, announcing a military junta to oversee a transition of power.

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According to the US envoy, there is a concern regarding the fact that Islamist Jihadists carrying out attacks in the country have been in constant communication with the new Military rulers of Mali.

The envoy said, that although the contact did not imply recognition, the coup will present a problem in the international coalition against  Islamist groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State operating in the region.

Pham also demanded the release of President Keita from custody, citing his age and poor health.

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