Vagina: Useful Tips for cleaning your lady part


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Vagina is one of the most important parts of a woman’s body. Yes, you turn heads whenever you walk through any door but how clean are you downstairs? Do heads turn away when you part your laps?

The attention you devote to your face, should also be given to your vagina. Some relationships have turned sour because the guy could not cope with a smelly V-area.

A lady whose V-area  smells fishy could also be battling with low self-esteem.

Here are some tips that could help your Vagina stay fresh and clean

1. Wash your Vagina with warm water daily

If your V-area smells funny, it’s probably because you don’t wash your Vagina properly. Wet the area with warm water, open your vulva lips and clean it gently. Don’t be in a rush!

Take your sweet little time!!! ☺️

How clean is your Vagina?

2. Avoid Soaps and bathing gels

Scented soaps kill the good bacteria meant to moisten your Vagina.

Oh! You didn’t know this?

We have the good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The absence of good bacteria in your Vagina exposes it to the bad bacteria which allows vagina odour and infections to thrive.


3. Eat pineapples

Fun Fact: Did you know eating pineapples makes your vaginal juice sweet? 😘

Men have attested to this myth.🤭🤩

Eating fruits like pineapples not only cleanses your Vagina inside out but also leaves it smelling nice.

You are indeed what you eat!

How clean is your Vagina?

4. Always dab your Vajayjay with Tissue after peeing

It’s the unspoken girl code. Every time you visit the toilet to pee, ensure you clean up with a tissue to absorb leftover urine around your Vagina.


5. Wear pants with cotton pads

Some pant materials choke the vagina, leaving it with no room to breathe

Wear cotton pants!

6. Stop wearing pants to sleep

You suffocated the Vajayjay during the day already. Allow it breathe at night.

Your nightwear is enough. You shouldn’t wear pant to bed lest you choke your Vajayjay to death! (Rolls eye)

7. Change your sanitary towels/tampons

When on your menstrual flow, it is advisable one changes their sanitary towels at least 3-4 times in a day.

Leaving a sanitary towel for a long time, will give offensive odours in most cases.

To avoid this dead fish-like smell, keep extra sanitary towels close.

8. Wipe front to back

After you poo, you should wipe from the front to back. Doing otherwise means you’re inviting bacteria that accompany faeces to your Vajayjay. That would be so gross!

This could also attract infections.

9. Wash your hands before getting intimate

You have no idea where your partner’s hands have been before sex.

If his hands are filled with invisible germs, guess where they’ll be after you’re both done exploring each other’s bodies during foreplay?

As weird as it sounds, ensure your hands are clean before embarking on erotic adventures.

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Apart from pineapples, here’s a list of  other fruits and foods that will clean your Vajayjay inside out

1. Yoghurts

2. Sweet potatoes

3. Avocados

4. Cranberry


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