Vandals topple the statue of AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic


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Vandals have toppled the statue of former Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic by sawing it off at the ankle. Angry Vandals had earlier sawed off the nose of the statue which stood outside the Malmö Stadium in Sweden after the 38-year-old invested in a rival club back in December.

The statue which has its head covered with the Swedish badge was found toppled at around 3:30am local time and beside a graffiti which read “take away” in Swedish.

Ibrahimovic made his professional debut for Malmö 20 years ago.

A spokesman for the Malmö municipality’s for sport and recreation department confirmed several media sources that the statue had been taken away for repairs and assured that the statue will be brought back “whole” again.

Malmo deputy mayor Frida Trollmyr told AFP:

“I can understand that many people are disappointed in Zlatan’s behaviour, but vandalising a statute is simply unworthy.

“Better to express your dissatisfaction in a democratic way.”

After word got out that Ibrahimovic had purchased 25% shares in rival club Hammarby, the 3.5 metres structure was sprayed with paint, set on fire and had a toilet seat put over its arm.

In October 2019, the Police was forced to erect a fence around the statue after an attempt to saw through its feet.

The former Barcelona man’s house in Stockholm was also vandalised, with “Judas” painted on the front door.

Peter Linde, the artist who made the statue has previously appealed for people to stop the vandalism.

After a well-traveled career that saw the ex-Sweden Captain play for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barcelona, Paris St-Germain, Manchester United and LA Galaxy, he rejoins AC Milan on a six-month deal for his second stint at the club and will make his second debut for the club on Monday when they face Sampdoria.

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