Vengeance seeking pilot kills self by crashing plane on wife’s baby shower venue (videos)


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Char Viljoen, a pilot, has killed himself as a result of uncontrollable anger. He rammed a plane into the clubhouse where his wife would have had her baby shower in Botswana and died as a result of the impact.

Char had intended to end his wife’s life after they had a heated argument right inside the club.

He later rushed out angrily, seeking to get back to the heavily pregnant woman.

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Subsequently, he stole a plane, made a couple of calls and threats to a particular individual inside the clubhouse.

After learning about his intent, guests immediately took to their heels, and by the time he arrived with the plane, he flew directly into the roof of the building.

Watch the videos from the scene below.

Alleged suicide plane

Alleged suicide flight in Botswana

Posted by The Citizen News on Sunday, March 24, 2019

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