Video: Boy toys with loaded rifle just before he shoots girlfriend at close range

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A seventeen years old boy from Texas shot his girlfriend by mistake after he had jokingly pointed a rifle at her, thinking there was no bullet in it.

The boy, who goes by the name, Javon Martin, has now been arrested since the girl, Makaila Simon, died from the accidental release. Javon had shared a video of the moment he was playing with the rifle, while his 15 years old girlfriend repeatedly told him to stop pointing it towards her.

Unknown to them, the rifle was loaded, and by the time he released the trigger, a bullet went straight towards the heart of Simon who just turned 15 a few days from then. She died on the spot as result of the grave injury.

Documents retrieved after the young boy was interviewed, states that he confessed to picking the rifle and npointing it towards Simon before he pulled the trigger. Equally, they seemed to have been alone in the room, even though other people were inside the house at the time.

Video: Boy toys with loaded rifle just before he shoots girlfriend at close range

More reports revealed that the victim had just enrolled as a freshman at Lamar High School and celebrated her 15th birthday the previous day.

According to Simon’s parents, Simon and Javon had been going out for a year and they have had arguments on issues relating to cheating. Hence, they are of the opinion that the shooting wasn’t accidental.

She and Martin had been dating for about a year. The girl’s family members said the couple had been arguing over allegations of infidelity.

Javon has since been been charged to court on offenses bothering criminal negligent homicide for shooting Simon in the chest,

Watch the video Javon shared just before the incident occured.

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