VIDEO: Checkout Church Whose Congregation Drink Beer To Cast Out Demons

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A church which “casts out demons” by drinking beer during service continues to expand in Congo’s economic capital, Pointe-Noire.

The church known as Louzolo Amour was founded by Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo, who proclaims himself God, and claims to be invisible to his followers.

He is represented on earth by the current leader of the church called Charles Mikoungui Loundou.

“What we want to share with the world, is that we found a person who has the three characteristics of God, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

That man is Guy Emile loufoua Cetikouabo. He was born without a navel, and that defies science,” a church member, Charles Mikoungui Loundou said.

This church bases its doctrine on the consumption of beer which they believe can be used to cleanse evil spirits.

The faithful refer to this mixture of beer and faith as “biéramicine”.

Services which last up to 9 hours are dedicated to the healing of souls and bodies with sips of beer and praise.

People come from all walks of life mainly to seek an immediate solution to all their evils.

“I arrived here sick, brother Mikoungui gave me a bottle of beer, I drank the first sip, and a second, at the third one, I went into a trance, I then felt better,” a believer, Kondi Jean- Jacques, confessed.

“I believe beer can heal if you drink it with faith,” he added.

Today, about 5,000 people attend this church that stretches across the country.

Its popularity in the Congolese society is increasingly growing, with authorities seemingly unable to control its activities.

Watch the video below,

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