(Video): Kentucky man gets three shots to the chest, dies during argument over gas pump


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A video has emerged of the moment a man, Dayshawn Tolbert, 37, was shot dead by a 21-year-old Carl Hardin III during an argument at Kroger gas station in Louisville, Kentucky.

The incident occurred in the 2700 block of West Broadway around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The 6:52-minute cell phone video which emerged after the incident shows the duo having an argument over who arrived first at the gas pump before the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot his opponent.

Watch video:

Although Tolbert was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital, he did not survive the shooting.

The suspect turned himself in to the Louisville Metro Police Department on Tuesday morning and was booked into Louisville Metro Department of Corrections.

According to police, Hardin put the several people that were behind Tolbert at the time of the shooting at risk.

He was charged with murder and five counts of wanton endangerment.

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