VIDEO: Nigerian Woman Slaps Man Who Proposed to Her In Crowded Mall

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A Nigerian woman is suddenly the hot talking point after she slapped a man who was trying to propose to her.

Public proposals have been the ‘in-thing’ for the past year or so with numerous stories of proposals in public spaces. Some have gone rather well, others have ended in heartbreak with the man or woman refuses the proposal.

While some see this gesture as romantic, others find it highly embarrassing and cheesy.

Whether the woman in question saw it as cheesy, embarrassing or something else, one can only speculate, what is certain is that she wasn’t pleased by it as the slaps she rained on the man were proof of.

In the video, the woman could be seen not only slapping the man, but shouting at him and getting people’s attention to what he was up to.

The man on his part was begging profusely and to his credit, he didn’t let the slaps deter him from his mission which was to get the woman to listen to him.

It is speculated that perhaps the man did something to seriously upset the lady to the point that she was unwilling to listen to his proposal.

The final slap she landed sent the man to the ground.

It is believed that more will be revealed later

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