VIDEO: Phone Battery Blows Up In Man’s Face After He Bites It


A man on buying a smartphone in a store in an attempt to verify that the battery was original bit into it and the battery blew up in his face.

CCTV footage captured on January 19th at a store in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province of China shows the battery blowing up in ‘said’ man’s face luckily the man wasn’t seriously injured in the explosion.

Taiwan News stated it was commonplace for people in China when testing the authenticity of gold to bite it which led to speculations by an Apple Insider that the man tried to test the authenticity of the battery in the same way.

Tech wizards said there is not a lot of gold in iPhone batteries don’t have much gold in them, but they do contain toxins that should not be ingested.

“When a battery normally explodes it’s often because the “positive” and “negative” battery plates have become joined, such as if the battery was pierced by a metal object.” an expert said.

“Lithium-ion batteries, though considered very safe, can explode if they’re overcharged.

“It’s a problem associated with knock-off battery chargers and other dubious third-party accessories that are rampant in China.” This might allude to the reason the man was biting the battery in the first place.

See video below:



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  1. Apple iPhone Support says

    There are some people who are trying to check the originality of the battery by biting it. I suggest you to never to that as the battery may explodes and can damage your face or any other parts of your body.

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