Video: Policeman takes call girl home only to discover he is a crossdresser

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A video of a male crossdresser being asked to undress is currently making rounds on social media after he had been taken home by an officer, thinking he was a call girl.

The man is said to have picked him up at night club around the Kubwa area of Abuja.

Although there is no detail yet on how the true gender of the man was discovered, he was filmed taking down the shape-enhancing materials he used to make himself appear like a female.

The suspect then confessed to being in the habit of always dressing that way in a bid to lure victims who he would eventually steal from.

Video: Policeman takes call girl home only to discover he is a crossdresser

He further stated that during the day, he was usually dressed a male but he would then change his clothes and appearance to look like a female at nights.

As the young man undressed, one of those interrogating him could be heard stating that he could help him secure a job through which he could earn N30,000 legitimately every month but individuals who engage in illegal ventures to make money are those who are not patient and are willing to hurt others to earn a living.

See the videos below.

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