(Video): R.Kelly’s Ex-Wife Cries, Recounts Horrible Events During Marriage


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Andrea Kelly, ex-wife of popular American R&B singer, R.kelly has teafully recounted her ordeal during her 13-year marriage to the musician.

The couple was married from 1996 to 2009.

Reminiscing about the moment she wanted to commit suicide in her desperation by climbing onto a hotel balcony, Andrea said, “That day, I just remember playing sick all day.

“I went and got in the bed, and I was just like, ‘OK, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do’ And something just said, ‘End it’.

“That was my first answer.”

She added that the thought of leaving her children motherless made her change her mind about committing suicide.

“I remember looking down, and it’s almost like God was able to let me see the future.

“I saw my body lying in blood, and I saw the ambulance coming. I saw housekeeping come out, and they were pointing up, and they said, ‘She jumped from up there.’

“Then I remember my baby’s voice in the back going, ‘Mama, mama… why did mama jump? Why did mama leave us?’

“I said ‘OK God, you have to give me an answer today. What do you want me to do if this is not for me, and you want me to leave? What do you want me to do? God I need an answer today. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, I need it now.”

She later pointed out that she is willing to help the 51-year-old musician despite the allegations against him.

“He doesn’t have anybody there that loves him enough to tell him. Drea Kelly loves him enough to say, ‘Enough. Get help.’

“That is how, when you know that somebody truly, truly loves you. They’re not going to turn a blind eye and say it’s OK.

“If I have to be that person, I get it. I stand in the gap. I understand that I am a vessel.”

Watch the interview video below:

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