Video: Roads Melt as Heatwave Sweeps across India


In what is being described as the highest ever temperature recorded in India’s history, a Heatwave is sweeping across the entire country severely affecting their major cities.

It’s gotten so bad that there’s footage showing roads actually melting with people getting their shoes stuck in the melting tar.

A resident named Neeraj Kumar told The Independent,  “We are praying to the gods for an early monsoon so that people get some relief, as the heat has taken a toll on our bodies,

“We are not even able to do our daily chores properly.”

The head of the national weather forecasting centre of the India Meteorological Department, BP Yadav stated that usually Sumner thunderstorms cooled down temperatures but that for some reason this year there hasn’t been any much rainfall to take about.

The heatwave is doing more than just melting tar, it’s withering crops which makes life extremely difficult for farmers.  According to the Indian Express, as many as 400 farmers have committed suicide in just four months over this issue.

You can see the video of the melting Road below.



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