VIDEO: Samsung Mocks Apple iPhones In New Series of Sketches


The ongoing war between the Samsung Galaxy series and the Apple phones has been a long and storied one

The Asian phone maker released a video mocking Apple and their phones.

This is not the first time Samsung has pulled a stunt like this with a well-placed takedown ad hitting the internet in 2017 and going viral which dissed Apple rather nastily.

In the new video, the story followed an Apple store employee who was tasked with selling the iPhone to new customers.

There were a number of sketches each lasting about 15-30 seconds, which featured customers pointing out one part of the iPhone which isn’t better than the Samsung and wondering why they’d plop for an Apple product rather than a Samsung.

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Nothing was spared as the Asian mobile giant attacked the iPhone for its lack of a memory card, the constant need to buy different dongles to achieve different results, the inability for the phone to use two apps at once on a split screen and much more.

Even some of the features were mocked, including the ability to Facetime with 32 different people at once.

In each situation, the customer in the video usually praised the Galaxy 9 and the features it had over the Apple phone.

The video was a fun watch and is another example of a growing trend of rival brands bashing each other either through social media or through their ads. While the Samsung v Apple rivalry is huge, it is nothing compared to the one between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The two soda giants have been at each other’s necks for the better part of 4 decades and it has always been a fun watch when one takes a shot at the other.

Other notable rivalries include that of Playstation v Xbox, McDonalds v Burger King and Marvel v DC.


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