VIDEO: The Real Fulani Plot to Overtake Nigeria- Pastor Paul Adefarasin


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Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House of the Rock Church has alleged that the Fulani Herdsmen have plans to take over Nigeria

Pastor Adefarasin was speaking during a recent church service, and he talked about the Fulani, alleging that they are making a land grab.

According to Pastor Paul this move is by the Fulanis who were invited from Senegal and Guinea where they have not been allowed to rule.

He also compared the current move by the Fulani to that of Usman Danfodio who he says had plans to colonize Nigeria.

Recall that Usman Danfodio was the first to declare a Jihad in Nigeria

He spoke of the history of Nigeria, a history that seems not to be in the textbooks

He did predict however, that no Mahdi (Guided one) will be able to take over Nigeria again.

You can watch the video below

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