(VIDEO): Woman Watches As Husband Draws Last Breath After Poisoning Him For Cheating


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An unforgiving partner is a ticking time bomb, as one man found out too late.

In a 1:19-minute video circulating online, the man can be seen writhing in severe pain on the ground as blood gushes from his mouth.

He appears to be gasping for breath.

A lady, whose face did not show in the video, stands next to him and makes no attempt to offer or get him help.

The poster of the undated video, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times on WorldStarHiphop, said that the incident occurred in South Africa.

According to information provided by the poster, the lady in question suspected that her husband was cheating but did nothing about it until she caught him in the act.

Later, she decided to poison him in revenge and watched as he drew his last breath.

Watch the video below…


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