Videos: Blue Ivy Shushing Her Parents During the Grammys Wins the Internet


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Blue Ivy is certainly a confident girl and it’s a no-brainer, when your father is Jay-Z and your mother is Beyonce, confidence is most likely in your DNA, but not many people can boast of having told Jay-Z and Beyonce to ‘curb their enthusiasm’

While there were many moments at the Grammys to cherish, the sight of little Blue Ivy, who turns six soon, shushing her parents was certainly the highlight of the night.

It happened while an artiste was speaking on stage and while Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to offer polite applause, Blue Ivy decided that whatever it was that was going on was not exactly awe-inspiring so she more or less told her parents to pipe down.

The internet went crazy and the reactions were wild

Beyonce and Jay Z were nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance for their song “Family Feud,” but they didn’t win.

Blue Ivy seems set to be a star with her video ‘Blue’s Freestyle’having gone viral with the internet enthralled by her each and every move.

Below are some reactions trailing Blue Ivy’s stunt

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