Videos: Woman Displays Bravery, Stops Thieves From Stealing Her Car

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A Milwaukee woman according to police reports has saved her car from being stolen by thieves in an unconventional show of bravery.

The woman was reported to have jumped in front of her car, occupying the windshield in a bid to stop the thieves from making away with her vehicle.

The incident was reported to have occurred at around 2:00 pm on May 23 when the thieves tried to make away with Melissa Marian’s SUV on St. Paul Ave.

Mellisa Marian took to her Facebook page to reveal that the thieves who drove in, apparently in a stolen vehicle, tried to steal her SUV but she jumped on the hood of her vehicle thereby preventing it from being stolen.

The thief who tried to steal her car was reported to have jumped off the vehicle after a few seconds of resistance by the owner.

Marian was further forced to jump into the moving vehicle as the suspects drove away in another to halt her car which was still in gear.

She shared the video below:

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