Virginia Family Returns $1m Cash They Found On The Road


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A family in Virginia have shocked many after returning $1m cash they found on the road while taking an afternoon ride across the Caroline County road.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon for David and Emily Schantz. The couple, alongside their children had decided to take a ride along the county road after being locked up for so long due to the coronavirus, little did they know that their day would turn out to be anything but normal.

As the Virginia family was cruising along the Caroline County road, their pickup truck drove over what they thought was a bag of trash, they stopped and picked it up as well as another bag nearby without immediately looking inside to check the content.

According to Emily Schantz, it was only when the Schantzes returned home did they discover the bags contained money.

“Inside of the bag, there were plastic baggies and they were addressed with something that said ‘cash vault,’” Schantz said.

The family immediately called the police to inform them that they just found two bags of cash laying on the side of the road.

“They came back to Caroline, and found out they’d been riding around with almost a million dollars in the truck,” said a spokesperson for the local Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies took inventory and determined the money totalled nearly $1 million.

The spokesperson added: “For someone so honest and willing to give that almost a million dollars back, it’s exceptional on their part,”

Caroline Sheriff’s Maj. Scott Moser theorized that the bags belonged to the Postal Service.

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Moser would not say specifically where the money was going. But he said he hopes the recipients offer the family a nice reward.

Moser said: “Their actions deserve nothing less, They saved someone a lot of money and set a wonderful example for everyone else.”



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