Visa-free countries Nigerians can visit in 2022

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Visa-free destinations for Nigerian passport holders are great, especially for holidays.

There are countries that you can visit without applying for a passport the traditional way, they are called visa-free countries.

It is amazing to know that the Nigerian passport has quality and you are free to explore other countries.

The ability to travel to a foreign country without a travel visa is referred to as visa-free.

Only a valid passport is required for entry and exit in this case.

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Visa-free countries for Nigerians

Here is a list of visa-free countries that you can visit with a Nigerian passport.


Citizens from all African countries are allowed to enter Benin without a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

With a Nigerian passport, you can travel to Benin Republic.

Burkina Faso

Citizens of the eighteen countries listed below are not required to obtain a visa to visit Burkina Faso:

Benin, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania (90 days), Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore (30 days), Togo, and the United Arab Emirates.


Cameroon is often referred to as “Africa in miniature” due to its diverse climate, vegetation, religion, and culture. Nigerian passport holders do not require a visa to enter the country.


Nigerians can visit Chad without a visa for 90 days.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands does not require a visa because it is a visa-free country for Nigerians.

Côte d’Ivoire

Nigerians can visit Cote d’Ivoire for 90 days under the country’s visa policy.


Nigerian citizens do not require a tourist visa to visit Gambia. You can stay for 90 days.


Nigerian nationals do not need a visa to visit the Gambia for up to 90 days.


Nigeria passport holders do not need a visa to visit Guinea-Bissau.

Nigerians planning to travel must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Guinea-Bissau. At least two blank pages should be included for visa stamping.


It is critical to understand that as a Nigerian citizen, you do not require a visa to travel to Haiti. That is, a tourist visa to Haiti is not required for Nigerian citizens, and the maximum stay is three months.


Nigerian citizens do not require a tourist visa to visit Liberia.


Nigerians can visit Mali without applying for a tourist visa.


Nigerian citizens who wish to visit the country are not required to obtain a tourist visa. Micronesia is a safe place to visit because crime is not on the rise.

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