Bizarre: Moment Washington Monument Is Struck By Lightening (Video)


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A Washington, D.C. news channel captured a jaw-dropping footage of lightening repeatedly striking the Washington Monument on Thursday night.


The Lightening struck the Washington DC on Thursday night as the city was under a flash flood warning.

One bolt from the storm hit the Washington Monument.

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According to reports, two national guard troops were seriously injured by the lightning.

However, people are asking how could it have been possible that the structure was struck by lightening and didn’t collapse?

Washington Monument is a fortified edifice made of white marble, but marble is a varying natural rock that comes in endless mixes and colors. And that’s just the science side: “Commercially, it includes all decorative calcium-rich rocks that can be polished.


Beginning in 1848, the monument was built over a long period of time with marble from different sources, which is why there are noticeable color differences—the same as you’d get with different batches of colorful yarn.


The capstone is a single, pyramid-shaped piece of marble, and at the very top of that is a tiny aluminum pyramid, called a pyramidion, from the same term used with the Egyptian obelisks (and their toppers) that inspired the Washington Monument.

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