WazobiaFM OAP, Diplomatic OPJ fights dirty with upcoming Artiste over Bribery Allegation

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Popular OAP Diplomatic OPJ, whose real name is Pius Opute has fired back at an upcoming Artiste Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor, who accused him of collecting “payola” which is bribery before playing songs of upcoming Artistes on radio.

Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor called out the veteran Wazobia FM OAP  on a Facebook post, saying the Radio Personality ruined the careers of young Artistes trying to get into the music industry.

Diplomatic OPJ Pius Opute, you are your stupid generation institionalized payola, and made bribery and corruption the order of the day, killed an entire industry, sit in the comfort of the flirth you call home built with money you reaped off of helpless artistes fighting for their future to criticise the government of the same things you and your colleagues did to this country.
Nigga I don’t care if your supporters will come for me, or if you are my grandfather’s mate. But you guys (generation) ruined this nation, killed an industry instead making amends and asking for penance you post about corruption all day. I won’t insult you by saying fuck you, but bro fuck you and everyone of you that ruined the music industry.

Look at the face properly I said it!!!

Diplomatic OPJ replied with a comment on the post saying;

Wait for responses from ARTISTES and non-artistes and never from me. The fact that you can’t make in the MUSIC industry is no one’s fault, but yours who chose a career that was never meant for you. Keep up with your Yahoo yahoo effort, please add PLUS, if you still fail to make it, then resign to fate, and continue to sing your hymns for the generation that’s ruining your generation with the speed of light. Please hold on for more responses from sensible youngsters. Your BRAIN is functional mechanically, and it’s so unfortunate really.

His response led to a hot exchange of words between the Upcoming artiste and the Veteran OAP. Kaycee’s friends were not left out as they joined in hurling abusive words at Diplomatic OPJ, saying he and his colleagues do not encourage the upcoming acts with the Payola they always demand before their songs can be aired.

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Leonard Ike Abasi commented: @Diplomatic OPJ Pius Opute, Oh ! You are even here this Talent Killer. You and your Cohorts shall surely be visited by the Retributive Justice of Nature. All those artiste you muscle to get their life earns and yet did not do their work shall hunt u for life. You and yours are the king of Persia of Nigerian Music Industry and ur rains are over by the grace of God. You shall face the rot of Jehovah Rafa ….Selah !!

Diplomatic OPJ Pius @Leonard Ike Obasi You’re drowning rapidly. Please kindly note that I’ve not dumped my God-Given and blessed career ok. Meanwhile, I have a good legacy even if I decide to quit broadcasting today.

Here are the screenshots of the Facebook fight;





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