We live under constant threats in Nigeria – Peter Obi


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Former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi has lamented the security situation in the country, saying that there is nothing more threatening than living in Nigeria.

He stated this in an interview with Thisday published on Saturday.

The vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election was responding to a question on whether he has had a near-death experience.

“What is more threatening to someone than living in Nigeria?

“We live under constant threats here…” Peter Obi said.

Pressed further on personal threats to his life, the billionaire businessman-cum-politician said, “I have experienced a number of them.

“I would have been in a Fokker 28 plane that crashed but three of us missed the flight.

“I was a student at UNN then and a businessman. I have been involved in a motor accident as well as survived armed robberies.

“My Lodge at Onitsha was burnt down when, as Governor, I was fighting hoodlums in Onitsha, but I am happy I returned order to the town in the final analysis, among other life-threatening incidents.”

Asked how he handles attention from women, the ex-governor explained that he has always had the utmost respect for women and would never think of exploiting them.

He added that any man that claims women are throwing themselves at him is just being clever by half.

Peter Obi said, “I do not believe that women throw themselves at anybody; it is the men that take advantage of them.

“Women are wonderful people and we should not exploit them. Let me give you an example: you meet a girl that cannot pay her school fees and does not know where the next meal will come from, it is wrong for you to exploit her situation — that is slavery and is what people get punished for.

“From the abundance God has given you, you could assist the young woman in question to improve her condition and still derive satisfaction from your role in her life.

“Young women come to me every day with one problem or the other; and God forbid that I should exploit them. Similarly, you could have met someone who had a road accident and help take the victim to a hospital. On the other hand, if you go through the victim’s things and rob him, you have brought yourself under a curse for which you will be punished.

“The other I obliged two young women who requested they joined one of my vehicles on my way from Owerri to Onitsha. There was space in that back-up vehicle and rather than cost me any extra money, it was a big relief for the women. As they came to thank me for the lift, I introduced them to an associate as my daughters. In any case, they did not look much younger than my daughter whom I adore; and it was pleasure to extend that gesture to them.

“So, for me, women do not throw themselves at men; rather, it is men that exploit their relationship with women.”

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