Wearing the MAGA hat Made me Feel like Superman- Kanye West


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Rapper Kanye West paid a visit to Donald Trump in the White House and the two engaged in a series of discussions including prison reform.

The rapper is an unabashed supporter of the President who he’s said on numerous occasion is going about things the right way.

He also mentioned how the ‘Make America Great Again’ face cap made him feel like Superman

“They tried to scare me not to wear this hat, but it gives some power in some way…when I put this hat on, you made me Superman…a Superman cape I can wear,”

West also spoke about prison reform, stating that the 13th amendment which allows for prison labour is a ‘trapdoor to slavery’

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“There’s a lot of things affecting our mental health that make us do crazy things that put us back into that trap door called the 13th Amendment,” he said. “I did say abolish with the [MAGA] hat on. Because why would you keep something around that’s a trap door? If you’re building a floor, the Constitution is the base of our industry, right, of our country, of our company. Would you build a trap door, that if you mess up and accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber?” he said

Kanye also praised Trump, saying; “If he don’t look good, we don’t look good. This is our president,

“He has to be the freshest, the flyest, [have] the flyest planes, the best factories. And we have to make our core be empowered. We have to bring jobs into America. because our best export is entertainment ideas. But when we make everything in China and not in America, we’re cheating on our country. We’re putting people in a position to have to do illegal things, to end up in the cheapest factory ever, the prison system.”

Trump announced that they would be going to lunch and Kanye said; “I love this guy,” while hugging the President

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