What Are 10 Beautiful Places To Plan Your Next Trip To?

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Traveling far and wide is going to boom back into business once all of the Covid 19 restrictions are removed from travel. People have been so cooped up in their own little bubbles all over the world that people are just simply itching to grab their life by the horns again.

Sure, it’s super fun to binge watch your favorite TV shows, play cash casino, eat an entire tub of ice cream straight out of the freezer, or all of the other sneaky and cheeky things you could get up to when you found yourself at home with plenty of time to kill.

However, we humans are a finicky bunch. We really don’t like things to be the same all the time. Having changes and surprises in life is what makes it exciting for us! We want to think at the end of the day, “Wow, that was a great experience!” Albeit, perhaps less stiffly worded.

So as people jump at the soon to be opportunity to go out and see the world, it begs the question. Where on Earth (quite literally, see what I did there?) should you go? There is a whole wide world just waiting for you. You! To go out and see and appreciate it.

So, to maybe start jogging the ideas rattling around in that head of yours, here are some beautiful places from around the globe that you might want to think about taking a peek at if you get the chance. This isn’t ordered, so what pops out at you will be worth a look.

Rainbow Mountains, China

You may have seen beautiful pictures of mountains seeming plashed with millions of gallons of paint to give them the most beautiful of striated coloring patterns you have ever seen in your life!

However, surprisingly, this is not a man made art project by some wealthy billionaire! It is an entirely natural phenomenon that can be found in many places around the globe including the Zhangye Danxia Rainbow Mountains of China, the similar Rainbow Mountain of Peru, and others.

However, by far one of the most exaggerated cases of this coloring is the Zhangye Danxia Rainbow Mountains of China. The beautiful oxidized rocks give an incredible rainbow patterning to the mountain range that spans kilometers!

Forming hundreds of millions of years ago, the rainbow coloring is caused by the oxidation of certain minerals in the rocks such as iron and copper. You can see this same effect at home if you have anything that’s rusted, or if you have leaky copper pipes that oxidized green.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

National Parks are must visit places no matter where there are. However, if you are able to, Fiordland National Park in New Zealand is one of the most stunning views you can see.

The large U shaped Glacial Valley is home to a stunning lake view that leads up to an imposing mountain view. Waterfalls will catch your eye all around, and the crystalline water will certainly make your mouth water with thirst.

On top of that, depending on what time of the year you come (specifically November and December time), you will be treated with huge fields of blooming purple Russel Loopins. These are gorgeous wild flowers that will make the hills undulate with deep violet hues.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

For those of you who live in the United States, you have probably heard of the Grand Canyon. This humongous crevasse is over 5 million years old and was formed by a river slowly cutting away at the rock over those said millions of years to form the landmark.

At nearly 2 kilometers deep and spanning an area of nearly 5000 square kilometers the Grand Canyon is certainly a sight to behold. With its colorful striated sedentary rock layers and imposing enormity, it is certain to knock your metaphorical socks off.

There is also certainly plenty to do at the canyon as well. Backpacking trails, boating trips, and camping sites are common in the 446 Square Kilometer Grand Canyon national park. Go hiking, or have your wedding at the maw of this monstrous canyon! It’s up to you.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and England. This country is home to some beautiful sights and scenery much like most of the northern parts of the world are. The cold lands up north seem to have been somewhat left untouched by humanity.

However, I want to bring your attention to a specific location in Iceland known as the “Blue Lagoon.” This is not just some cute name, the waters in the lagoon are actually a shocking electric blue!

This effect is caused by large amounts of the mineral Silica that are found in the water. The Silica reflects blue light and gives the pool its signature coloring. The minerals found in the water are also purported to be good for your skin, so maybe a spa day is what you need!

Speaking of a spa day, the Lagoon is home to a whole resort! You can stay in the hotels and dine at the restaurants that overlook this gorgeous lagoon. Treat yourself to all the skincare benefits of the water and the other things found around the lagoon.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, USA

Mount Rainier is an icon of Washington State. This active volcano stands at an imposing 4400 Meters above sea level. Capped with a snowy hat and ringed with a cloak of evergreen trees, Mount Rainier is certainly a sight to behold.

Vast beds and valleys of wildflowers blanket the park’s landscape, and rivers snake and wind their way throughout running down from the melting glacials found in the park.

Great for hiking, camping, or simply going on a day trip, the park is certain to leave some lasting memories for all who go visit. However, might want to pack some nice warm clothes, as it can get as cold as -8 degrees centigrade in the winter.

The summer however is much warmer, as it can get up to temperatures of 35 degrees centigrade in the summer. Pack accordingly and you should be alright. Just think of the stunning picnic you could have at the edge of one of the rivers of the park!

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Located on Whitsunday Island of the coast of North Eastern Australia, Whitehaven Beach is a great place to get your fill of beach vibes if you went on a trip. Whitehaven Beach has beautiful white sugar sand beaches and crystal clear blue green tropical waters.

On top of that, the beach’s waters are a glorious 26 degrees nearly year round meaning the ocean’s waters will be less like a frigid dip and more like a comforting warm, yet wet, embrace. Swim or just wade around a bit, you are sure to enjoy it no matter what!

Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Lining a packed dirt road between the Madagascar cities of Morondova and Belon’i Tsiribihina, you will find a beautiful grove of the otherworldly Baboab Trees towering 30 Meters over the path.

These strange yet beautiful trees are the remnants of what used to be a dense forest that covered the area. However, as people came and cleared them out for agricultural use of the land, the forest shrank until all that was left of these 3000-year-old trees was a handful.

Unfortunately, these trees have become heavily endangered due to pressures from the world around them. More unfortunate, many of those pressures are caused by humans such as pollution and deforestation.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of just looking at some trees, believe me, the Baobabs are a sight to behold. They seem like something you would find in some science fiction film rather than our very own planet. And, the more people know about them, the easier it will be to protect them.

Niagara Falls, New York State, United States

Famous within the US, seemingly less famous outside the US, Niagara Falls are a huge tourist attraction that borders both New York State in the US and Ontario Canada. The falls run actually right along the border, and the US and Canada are connected by the “Rainbow Bridge.”

With huge waterfalls that drop a sheer 50 meters to the churning water below, they are quite the natural wonder. With stunning light shows that can be seen making the waters glow as they plunge to the basin below, it is sure to make you gasp with awe.

And, in case you were wondering, have you heard the story about someone going over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Well, it’s true. Back a little over 100 years ago in the real early 1900s, a man went over the falls in a barrel. I was surprised it wasn’t a myth too!

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Coral reefs have gotten a bit of the spotlight recently as people have been learning that these incredibly gorgeous underwater ecosystems are… dying. With more pollution in the air and in the water, along with rising water temperatures, the reefs are not taking it well.

As air pollution causes ocean temperatures to rise and CO2 causes the ocean to become more acidic, it allows other creatures in the ocean to press in on the coral while its weakened and stressed by the abnormal conditions.

All of this has led to the bleaching of and dying off of, the oceans coral reefs. Bleaching is when stressed coral expels the algae and such that give them their vibrant color due to stress.

Now, putting aside the doomsday talk, the coral reefs, specifically the largest reef in the world known as the Great Barrier Reef, is still a beautiful thing to see. Intricate patterns and schools of fish and other creatures that call the reefs home are breathtaking.

Because of its popularity as a tourist destination, the Great Barrier Reef has quite a lot to offer to those who come seeking a bit of fun in the sun (and water). From snorkeling to SCUBA diving, to glass-bottomed boat trips, there are numerous ways to enjoy the Reefs.

You could even hire guides to show you around and teach about the Reefs. How important they are to ocean ecology, and how much the animals that live in them rely on the Reefs. You could also learn about the animals themselves!

But, even if you don’t want to spend your trip listening to some excited marine biologist drone on about polyps, there is still plenty to enjoy from this humongous underwater ecosystem stretching 2300 Kilometers!

And, much like I mentioned about the Baobab trees. Seeing is believing. No better way to see how much of an impact we humans have on the environment than to actually go and see the things that have been most affected by us.

Space, New Mexico (Launch Location)

Well, maybe this won’t be on many people’s lists of a place to go on their next trip after Covid, but I just had to include it. Virgin Galactic is officially open for reservations to take a private trip to space!

Estimated to begin in late 2022 (this year!), people everywhere can purchase their very own tickets to learn to be an astronaut and travel to space! Experience Zero Gravity, and stunning views, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

People who have been to space say that looking down on earth changes a person. It’s simply a sight that nothing else can compare to. Our planet, our floating haven in what could be an endless void of a universe. If you can afford it, the experience will be supernal!

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