What Are Hiccups And Why Do They Occur?


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Hiccups, are usually a short lived experienced most people, if not everybody, must have had. It can be uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, depending on how and when it comes.

It is a burst of inspiratory (breathing in) activity, with a sudden closure of the glottis, and a characteristic gulping sound.

The muscles we use while taking in breath are the intercostal muscles found in between the ribs and the diaphragm.

Hiccups can arise after heavy eating or drinking too quickly. The stomach which is right below the diaphragm is distended and irritates it. It causes the diaphragm to contract and leads to hiccups.

Why do Hiccups Occur?

This sometimes happen when there is an interference with the nerve pathways from the brain to the muscles involved.

It is explanatory to the reason why hiccups may occur with temperature changes or emotional situations.

Hiccups don’t last for so long and when it does it could be a sign of disease or there could be a problem with the brain, spinal cord, or any structure around the diaphragm or chest wall.

The best remedy for a hiccup is to breath into a part bag, increase the carbon dioxide in the lungs thereby relaxing the diaphragm and helping spasms.

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