What are the consequences of Suicide: Heaven or Hell? – By Nneka Okumazie

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Sometimes, individuals made up their minds on a major decision, but later came to regret it.

There are so many experiences that people later confessed that they didn’t know what they were doing.

In life, business, school, etc. ignorance is not an excuse, because people often use ignorance for deceit, or inaction.

It is almost impossible to be ignorant of hell, living in this world.

Some people are living in psychological hell, where they’re unable to be happy, or unable to not be worried or anxious.

Some people are living in physical hell, workplace hell, medical hell – pains, disease, etc.

Everyone often forgets that in this world, everyone goes with the hypocrisy of the world.

Everyone prefers success because success provides a lot of ease in a world that is hard.

Sometimes, teachers love smart students because it makes their work easy, but are often tempted to dislike slower students.

Often times, people like things easy because there’s a continuous sprint away from any kind of hell.

Although, some people chose certain conditions that are like hell, because they know it’s temporal. Sometimes, if it’s too much, they quit. Their hope was the way out.

So how would everyone naturally run from any kind of permanent hell, but someone would openly say they want to go to the actual hell – of unseen torment and irreversible?

Acceptance of hell is a delusional that many may never realize until they get there and find that there is no getting out. Hell is worse than anything known, including failure.

It is possible that people aren’t failures, but that failure is a location.

There are points of failure, shame, disgrace, hardship, struggle, rejection, disappointment, lack, loneliness, sadness, discomfort, emptiness, addiction, etc.

That point is the problem, not that the individual is a failure. It is better to see people struggling in a different light, or to see one’s self differently, if in those places.

Yes, everything should be done to prevent it but some brought it on themselves.

There may also be a few mistakes, or failures that came after being super careful and doing the required.

It is good to always remember that when failure comes, and doesn’t go away fast enough, everything begins to dry up. People will blame, shame, abandon and one’s mind could give up.

This after-failure model should be kept in mind, so when people start doing the expected, boxes are checked as predicted, so no surprises for more sadness.

Everyone is subject to giving up on failure and seeking ease with success.

This is the same reason lots of people protect their power, so they aren’t forced out even if they get to the point of failure.

The Creator of Heaven and Earth has the autonomy of life and of admission into Heaven. No one can decide to take their own life presuming it guarantees Heaven. Life was not designed for self-end. Life is hard, but life is hope.

It is possible that in transition to death, many felt bad for themselves and regretted the decision. The people in this world who shamed, frustrated, held things back, or whatever that led to certain situations were mostly playing along with the hypocrisy of the world.

This is why it is important to be hopeful. It is important to guard one’s hopes completely. It is important to avoid desperation for anything, including death.

There are all kinds of offers available for the desperate, but most aren’t lasting answers – they’re often unripe tragedies.

Desperation for those in the Christian Faith is allowed in prayers – and if the One who answers wants trust and patience, He knows best.

Still, it is important to watch and pray for oneself and others. Anyone can be influenced by something known or unknown, and at that point, say or act destructively to self or to others.

Often times, individuals don’t see their own hypocrisy. Everyone loves selfish choices, easy choices, suitable or advantageous ones. But, whatever the choice, life for all, is time and chance.

Sometimes, hope is hard. Sometimes, personal hope is gone. Sometimes, hope in this world is out. It is however, important to hope on the Redeemer. This was the example of one individual, whose suicide may probably have been justified.

[Job 19:25, For I know [that] my Redeemer liveth, and [that] He shall stand at the latter [day] upon the earth:]

An individual wanted to take his own life but was told to not to.

[Acts 16:28, But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here.]

Suicidal thoughts are strange evil. Suicide is not an escape. Even the desire to die, but no action, should be dismissed quickly, because passive suicide is sometimes responsible for behavioral recklessness – and ultimate suicide, at times.

Some people like to debate what cases can be classified as suicide or not, rather the main goal should be to tell and help others not to take their own lives. Some suicides caused so much pain and devastation.

Some people say suicidal people are not thinking of Heaven, or hell. The reason for discussion of Heaven or hell regarding suicide is because, in life actions have consequences so does death.

The Lord GOD is merciful. GOD is so merciful that some people that came to be saved were notorious sinners. But as much as GOD is merciful, the mercy of the Lord is no guarantee to sin, or to take one’s life.

No one should take their own life because of shame, failure, hardship, or whatever it is, that is the hypocrisy of this world against all.

It should also be clear that suicide is not a shortcut to Heaven. And decision for hell, is almost always delusional and deceitfully influenced, because no one ever wants any kind of permanent hell.

Yes, everyone would be judged individually for admission into Heaven, and the mercy that gets one can be different from another, but taking one’s life is never a strategy, for mercy, or to see GOD.

[Psalm 86:3, Be merciful unto me, O LORD: for I cry unto thee daily.]

[Matthew 5:8, Blessed [are] the pure in heart: for they shall see GOD.]

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