What Buhari must do to end Boko Haram – IBB’s ex-aide Gen. Togun


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It is said that what has a beginning, has an end, is the best saying suitable for the evil activities of Boko Haram in the north east of Nigeria.

Information revealed that the insurgents began armed rebellion against the government of the country in 2009.

They initial uprising failed and their leader Mohammed Yusuf was killed by the Nigerian government.

However, in this report, the former director of Military intelligence and ex-deputy director of States Security Service (SSS), General Kunle Togu, has spoken about what President Muhammadu Buhari’s must do to see the end of the insurgents in the country.

Togu started by saying President Buhari knows that these people are not Nigerians.

He said: “President Buhari knows. All these northerners know that these people are not Nigerians.

“They should be sent back to where they come from. They are illegally here. This place doesn’t belong to them.

“That is all. But the annoying aspect is that some stupid chiefs and Obas in Yoruba land are taking money from these idiots settling them. They are enemies within.”

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