What Poju Oyemade Said About Pastors Mingling With Politicians

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The Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, Pastor Poju Oyemade, has weighed in on the controversial topic of prominent pastors and other religious leaders associating with politicians in the country.

Oyemade, 50, said that pastors being humans were free to associate with politicians as long as money and other material gifts do not exchange hands.

However, he added that it was not in his place to judge or criticise anyone, saying that only God is qualified to judge every individual.

Oyemade, who is the convener of the popular The Platform Nigeria, said, “Let me tell you one thing I am not going to do, I am not going to criticise pastors publicly.

“I won’t do that. If I feel there is anything wrong with anyone who is in the ministry, I think we have structures and channels to correct the people.

“However, in terms of association, I cannot say somebody is wrong because he is found to be associating. However, it is important — this is what is important — it is important, that no form of monetary inducements is done because it is the giving of the gift that blinds people and affects your sense of judgement.

“Provided there is no exchange of material things in terms of association, it is fine.”

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