Wheelchair Bound Man Robs Bank With Gang

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A disabled man in Argentina has allegedly robbed a bank in broad daylight.

The man, who appeared invalid in a wheelchair, with a brace around his neck, and a cast on his leg, is actually a part of a four-man group of robbers that robbed an Argentinian bank, stealing thousands of dollars.

Footage has emerged showing the armed robber’s, with their leader pretending to be wheelchair-bound robbing the bank.

The gang is currently standing trial for stealing a total of £10,670 in 2015 from a bank in Rosario, the largest city in the province of Santa Fe in central Argentina.

In the footage, A man in an orange baseball cap wheel’s in the leader who is wearing a cast on his left ankle and a neck brace.

A third gang member then enters a couple of seconds later and pretends to help the wheelchair through the entrance.

As soon as they are in the lobby, the man in the wheelchair jumps out with a handgun as his colleagues also produce weapons. A fourth man then shows up holding a gun.

Armed robbers run behind the counter while their accomplices tackle the security cameras and keep watch.

A female member of staff is forced to open the safe as gang members stuff cash into their bags. The four men raid the safe and drawers before fleeing the scene.

After the robbery, police successfully traced the gang leader’s Ford Focus and arrested him after a 20-minute car chase.

The gang deny the charges and are currently on trial.

The Rosario courthouse recently released the footage of the 2015 armed robbery as prosecutors demand a 20-year prison term for the alleged gang leader, Sergio Martin ‘Mono’ Canete.

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