White People Are Closer to Animals, True Savages – Nick Cannon (Video)

Tony Abu Momoh
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African- American Rapper, Nick Cannon has made racist comments describing white people as closer to animals and savages who have to be violent and predatory in order to survive.

Speaking on a TV Show, Cannon described black people as melanin filled and blessed. He said the Melanin of black people means soul power and connects every black person.

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He said White people fear black people because they lack melanin (skin pigmentation found in people of colour) and they are afraid of annihilation since they have been rejected by the Sun.

He said unlike white people who have no compassion, melanin comes with compassion. Therefore, black people are filled with compassion, and white people who lack melanin are less because they cannot trap the power of the sun in their skins.

He said this is why for years white people have been oppressing black people because they are acting out of fear, low self esteem and a deficiency of melanin.

Cannon said White people can only be evil, who have to rob, steal, kill and fight in other to survive.

He said going by his analogy, white people have to be savages and babarians because they lack melanin. This same lack also makes them behave like animals.

Check out the video below;

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