Who Amongst Buhari & Atiku Is The Aurora Borealis? [The Northern Hemisphere Light!], by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi


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From a distance the Northern Nigeria environment shimmers like brown jewel in the darkness of space, the rich and incomparable enclave has been destroyed by it’s political leaders! The Northern leaders remain accountable for turning the enclave into a cirque of emptiness.

Borno, Adamawa, Zamfara, Kaduna, Sokoto, Yobe, Taraba, Katsina, and Plateau States have become the ‘killing fields’ of the north.

An accumulated colossal revenue the Northern governors had collected for the region development had disappear and gone with the wind, the north region remains backward and poorest. Billions of dollars earmarked for ‘Nomadic Education’ project simply vanished into private pockets and overseas domiciliary accounts.

A ride across the northern rural areas will open ones eyes to the level of human being atrocities against it’s fellow human being in the name of governance. The Northerners has wallowed [and still wallowing] in poverty, unemployment, and poor health care facilities. Take it or leave it, Traditional Birth Attendants [TBA] still holds sway in the north.

How the Northerners that had ruled and continue to rule Nigeria for about 38 years and had nothing to show for it! From decay of infrastructure to army of jobless youths, untamed banditry, cattle rustling, poverty, stagnation, destruction of lives and properties by Africa‘s second deadliest Islamic fundamentalists [after al-Shabab of Somalia], the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT], insecurity, dearth of industries in the zone, rusty country side, polio savagery, the unending ‘almajiri’ system and lead poisoning.

With available data at their disposal, will the duo be able to prove that the crop of Northern rulers caused Nigeria’s decay? The continue catastrophic and un-wanton pillage of the Sahel region by the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] is worsening living conditions among-st the dwellers of the region.

Are [Muhammadu Buhari & Atiku Abubakar] they coming to clear the alluvium of these self inflicted problems?

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