WHO To Send Medical Supplies To Lebanon For Injured People In Beirut Explosion


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The World Health Organisation (WHO) says it is sending medical supplies to Lebanon for 500 wounded people as well as 500 surgery kits after a massive explosion took place in Beirut.

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WHO spokesperson Inas Hamam disclosed this in an interview with Sputnik.
“Based on a request from the minister of health immediately after the blast, WHO is dispatching trauma kits containing emergency medical supplies enough to treat 500 injured people and surgical kits containing supplies to treat 500 people requiring surgical care.

“Additional supplies will be dispatched as needed,” Hamam said.

On Tuesday, a powerful explosion in the port of Beirut ripped through the center of the city and caused extensive damage, including to the Rafic Hariri International Airport located over six miles away from the epicenter of the blast.

“WHO is in constant contact with the local authorities (both the minister of health and hospitals treating the wounded) to further clarify needs and ensure immediate support,” Hamam said.

According to the Lebanese health minister, Hamad Hassan, the blast has claimed the lives of 63 people and more than 3,000 have been injured.

“Our hearts and prayers are with all those affected, and we continue our mission to ensure the well-being of all people in Lebanon and across the region,” Hamam said.

WHO has also urged unity in the region amid the tragedy.

“Even before the blast, Lebanon was facing civil unrest, economic hardship, coronavirus outbreak, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

“We call for regional solidarity to support all people in need in Lebanon given the additional challenges now faced,” Hamam added.

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