Trump Explains Why China May Be Trying To Meddle With Mid Term Elections


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…From Russian Collusion To Chinese Meddling


US President Donald Trump has said that the Chinese may be meddling clandestinely to cause Republicans to lose the mid-term elections in order to scuttle his political power and reverse great economic deals he has made for the American people, especially farmers.

Addressing a 90 minute press conference at the end of a full day of meetings at the United Nations headquarters in New York, President Trump said the Chinese were being suspected of meddling in the upcoming elections.

“With China, as you know, we put out an announcement today. They would like to see me lose an election because they’ve never been challenged like this. But I want to open up China to our farmers, and to our industrialists, and our companies. And China is not open. But we’re open to them. They charge us 25, 35, 55 percent for things, and we charge them nothing, in terms of coming in to the country.”

“Cars, they’re at 25 percent, and we’re at 2 percent and 2.5 percent and don’t even collect it, but we collect it now. So we’re doing very well in our situation with China on trade. I have a great relationship with the president of China, President Xi

“But it’s got to be a two-way street, and for 25 years, or longer, was not. And trillions and trillions of dollars was taken out of the United States for the benefit of China, and we just can’t have that. We have to make it fair. So we’re at $250 billion now, at 25 percent interest, and a lot of money is coming into our coffers.

“And it’s had no impact on our — absolutely, by the way, no impact on our economy, which I said it wouldn’t. In fact, steel is like the hottest industry there is. If you look at what happened with steel, we’re charging a 25 percent tariff for the dumpers. They dump massive amounts of steel. They want to put the steel companies out of business, and after they’re out of business, they’re come in and charge five times more than you ever thought possible.

“And we need steel, and we need aluminum. And those industries are doing well, but steel is incredible. U.S. steel is opening up a minimum of eight plants, Nucor is opening up plants, and these are big plants — $750 million and $1 billion plants, in some cases. So what’s happening with the steel industry is very exciting to me. It’s being rebuilt, over night.

“If you look at the miners and coal, if you look at energy, LNG, Japan just gave us some numbers that are incredible. They’re doubling the amount that they are going to be buying for Japan. They’re taking the LNG and they’re doubling it up.

Responding to a journalist who sought information on the substantial allegation of meddling against the Chinese government, Trump confirmed that he has heard that the Chinese are meddling or have meddled in the upcoming elections.

He added, “We have evidence, we have evidence — it’ll come out. Yeah, I can’t tell you now, but it(the meddling allegations) came — it didn’t come out of nowhere, that I can tell you. Now they’ve actually admitted that they’re going after farmers, I mean, I think most of you can cover that.

“China now, put on $250 billion, and they’re paying 25 percent on that. They’re paying billions and billions — this has never happened to China, and I like China and I like President Xi a lot. I think he’s a friend of mine, he may not be a friend of mine anymore, but I think he probably respects — from what I hear, if you look at Mr. Pillsbury, the leading authority on China.

“He was on a good show, I won’t mention the name of the show, recently, and he was saying that China has total respect for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s very, very large brain. He said they don’t know what to do — never happened.

“Well one thing they are trying to do is they’re trying to convince people to go against Donald Trump, because a normal, regular political person that has no concept of what the hell he’s doing — would let China continue to take $500 billion a year out of our country and rebuild their country. I mean, they were building 29 massive bridges like the George Washington Bridge.

“They’re building things that we don’t build anymore, but we’re starting to build them again. And our economy now is hotter than it’s ever been. I don’t know if you saw the confidence levels this morning that just came in, fantastic. And in all fairness to the FED raising rates, they’re raising rates because we’ve never done like we’re doing now.

“And one of the things that is nice about their rates, the people that were hurt the worst by these zero interest rates and — when President Obama had an economy that was — it was the worst comeback since the Great Depression and all that, you’ve all heard that. But remember, he was playing with zero interest money. He was playing with funny money, that’s easy.

“I’m playing with fairly expensive money — so when he does that the people that benefit are people that actually, in their whole life they would save 10, 15, 20 percent of their salary — those people got killed. Because they put their money in the bank they’re going to live off the interest and there was no interest.

“Now, those people are starting to get interest and those are the people, frankly, that deserve — you know, they did a great job. The people that did it right, the people that did the best job got hurt the most. So in one sense I like it, but basically I’m low interest rate person, I hate to tell you.”

Donald Trump also revealed that he was close to reaching a monumental trade deal on behalf of the United States with the Prime Minister of Japan, and the South Korean leader, alluding that the deal which will benefit American industry was made possible by his closure of trade loopholes China had long benefited from.

He said, “We’ve covered a great deal of territory. Just left, as you know, Prime Minister of Abe of Japan, we’re starting trade talks with Japan. They were not willing, for years, to talk trade. And now, they’re willing to talk trade. And I’m sure we’ll make a very good deal.

“Just concluded, as you know, two days ago, signed a deal with South Korea, a trade deal, a tremendous deal with South Korea. It means a lot of business for our farmers. We’re opening up for farmers. We’re opening up for a lot of different groups.

We’re going to be able to sell much more than double the number of automobiles that we were allowed under a deal that was totally defective, that was there before. And so, we’re very happy with that. That deal has actually concluded.

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