Why cricket’s popularity in India is influential for the sport


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When talking about cricket, you always have to think about the places where they are extremely

popular. India is the country that will always stand out in cricket. They are the most prolific

cricket nation in the world because they treat it as their top sport.


While cricket was created in the east England region, the sport became even more popular in

India. With the English people more connected with football, India took charge as the number

one country in cricket. Despite India not being the richest of countries, they fully embraced

cricket by investing in a culture that boosted the sport’s popularity. Field hockey is their national

sport but Indian cricket has a massive fanbase.


Compared to other countries that are still developing like Nigeria, India has an extremely strong

scene. Alongside Sri Lanka, India is the model that others follow when it comes to growing the

sport in their country.


The sport has grown to the point where there are Sportsbet.io SRL matches for cricket leagues.

Of course, India is the biggest country for cricket but you also have to consider places like

Australia, Sri Lanka, England, and many more.


How countries like Nigeria can grow in cricket

A large part of growth and development are the investments from the governing bodies. When

the athletes are being supported with training facilities and the proper healthcare, you can

expect them to focus on training for their sport. This is true for almost every sport but support

has been picking up for Nigerian cricket over the years.


Back in 2020, Nigeria was a debuting team in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup. They surprised

so many viewers because they saw the West African squad perform on the same level as the

top teams in the event.


Team captain Sylvester Okpe found it hard to believe that Nigeria qualified for the event because they were in Africa’s second division back in 2015 and was only promoted back in 2018. As a recently promoted team, the World Cup was beyond what any team imagined.


Okpe said, ‘I can say we are like the Leicester City of cricket… we shocked the world… If we

could get more individuals and families and friends all over to support us during the course of

the World Cup, we could do much better as a team’.


The future is bright for other countries

Countries like India and Sri Lanka should be the inspiration they need to compete in cricket

events. The sport can be popular in any country as long as it’s pushed as a premium sport. This

can be strengthened by media coverage and even support for the betting scene with proper

attention given to Sportsbet.io SRL matches.


While Nigeria is not considered a strong cricket country at the moment, there is potential for

growth there. This is true for any country in the world that is trying its hand at playing cricket.

The process will be long and arduous but it will pay off when they stay dedicated to the task.

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