Why Delta Young Ladies Are Afraid Of Wearing Pants


It appears that the fear of ‘Yahoo boys’ is the beginning of wisdom – at least to some young ladies aged 14 to 35 years in Delta State.

According to a report by The Punch, the ladies, especially those in Asaba and Abraka areas of the state, are afraid to go out wearing pants.

Their fear is borne out of reports that some desperate ‘Yahoo boys’ collect ladies’ pants, sometimes at gunpoint.

The collected pants are then allegedly used for money-making rituals, while ladies whose pants have been used begin to vomit blood or start bleeding profusely.

Esther, a student at the Asaba campus of Delta State University (DELSU), said, “ I am telling you the truth ; in Delta State now , especially Asaba , there is fear because the way these ‘ Yahoo boys ’ or ‘ Yahoo Plus boys ’ are looking for female pants is crazy.

Some even collect ladies ’ pants at gunpoint .

“ I have stopped wearing pants whenever I am going out, and that goes for some of my friends too to prevent ourselves from being victims of these evil people . When they collect someone’ s pants , it is the end for that person . It happened to one lady in Umuagwu quarters of Asaba . Her family has taken her to church for healing because she has been behaving abnormally . I have also stopped going out with people I don’ t know their background , especially those with flashy cars. ”

Used female pants are also said to be choice items around the affected areas, with a single pant said to be going for between N350,000 and N500,000.


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