Why Ekiti People Voted Me Back Into Power- Fayemi (Video)


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The imminent Governor of Ekiti state, Kayode Fayemi has given reasons as to why he believed by the people of Ekiti state.

In an interview with Channels TV, Fayemi said he had unfinished business with the state and that the people wanted him back in power.

He said: “This victory means, at the Ekiti State level, a determination by our people to really have governance on a serious level back in Ekiti State. That’s why the people have shown fate, by returning us to power.

“On a national level, this victory means that the propaganda out there about our party (APC) being a party of trialists and people who are just interested in a section of the country is not selling to ordinary Nigerian.”

When probed about what he meant by ‘unfinished business’, Fayemi said that there are a lot of projects he initially embarked upon and that now that he’s coming back into power, he can finish them up.

“I already explained that there is unfinished business. The clock of progress and development in Ekiti stopped in October 2014. (My) coming back is to restart the clock and get it back to the developmental trajectory. What we have witnessed in Ekiti in the last four years is arrested development.

“When I say reclaiming the land, it is not just about the physical reclamation of any land, it is about the reclamation and restoration of the values of our people.

“It is a return to decency, decorum and dignity. A return to a sense of self-worth and self-respect. A return to respect for our elders and traditional institution. It is a return to seriousness in government,” he said.

Fayemi was also asked what he felt about PDP’s refusal to accept the election results and he said that he was unafraid of tribunals and would be ready to face off against the PDP if he had to.

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