Why I Feel Sorry For Nigerians – Seun Kuti

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Fela’s son and Grammy-nominated Afrobeat artiste, Seun Kuti has expressed sadness that some Nigerians continue to allow themselves be fooled by selfish politicians.

He made this known in reaction to the admittance by American rapper, Kanye West on Twitter that he had been used by politicians to spread messages he did not believe in, vowing to henceforth focus on his music-making craft.

Seun Kuti expressed sympathy for many Nigerians that, like Kanye West, have ignorantly allowed themselves to be used to push the self-serving agendas of the politicians.

He said, “One day, we as motherland people all over the world will start to listen to those that are actually doing the work for our progress.

“We shall shut out and alienate those among us that lead our youths astray intentionally.

“One day tweeted apologies won’t cut it anymore. One day a traitor shall be just that, a traitor.

“One day we will forgive our friends their trespasses and hold oppressors accountable for their unforgivable sins against us instead.

“Sometimes I wonder how many friends we have lost over nonsense while we excuse the ones creating the conditions for this warped existence to exist. I am not mad at Kanye, I am sorry for my people.”

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