Why I stopped fighting for restructuring – Prof Akintoye


Renowned historian and President of Yoruba World Congress (YWC), Prof Banji Akintoye says he stopped agitating for restructuring after he realised it was not the solution to Nigeria’s current problems.

He emphasised that Nigeria’s current challenges have necessitated a renegotiation of the nation’s unity.

Akintoye alleged that Yoruba land was being invaded by the Fulani, noting that restructuring would not resolve the encroachment.

The YWC president added that all ethnic groups in Nigeria must as a matter of urgency come together to review and agree on their relationship with the country.

“I respect people who are asking for restructuring but I belong to the large number of Yoruba people who have come to the conclusion that restructuring is no longer capable of solving the problems of Nigerian people.

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“I was one of the people fighting for restructuring before now and I have written more than 50 articles on restructuring but in the light of what has been happening in Nigeria, especially since 2015, it is obvious to me that restructuring is no longer capable of solving the problems.

“For instance, I ask people, “Are you saying mere restructuring will stop the invasion of our land by the Fulani? Are you saying the people who are threatening to conquer our land, exterminate us and bring their tribal men from countries in West Africa will stop by just restructuring?

“Are you saying restructuring will be the solution to the people who are bringing foreign terrorist organisations to conquer every tribe in Nigeria? Those who are asking for restructuring are free to go on.

“But restructuring is no longer the appropriate thing to be fighting for now if a particular ethnic group is bringing foreign terrorist organisations to kill you and take over your land. Why don’t you demand a negotiation – a thorough renegotiation of our relationship rather than talking of restructuring?” Sunday Punch quoted him as saying.


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