Why Instagram users are not buying into the hype of Threads App


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Less than .1% of over 1 billion Instagram users downloaded the Threads App recently released by the photo-blogging platform. An estimated 220,000 users have downloaded the app in its first week of deployment which is weak by Instagram’s standard coupled with a less than 4.0 average rating on across Google’s Playstore and iOS Store.

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Instagram users are not buying into the hype of Threads App

A report from Apptopia, a platform that tracks the analytics of apps on App Repositories states that an estimated 220,000 users across Google’ Playstore and iOS Store have downloaded the app so far.

By comparison, it’s significantly lower another Instagram’s app, Boomerang which had 1.5 million downloads in its first week and another of Instagram’s integrated apps, IGTV which did 2.8 million downloads in its first week of release.

The low response may have been due in part to the confusion of the Threads App with another app of a similar name on Google’s Playstore, a situation which left angry users leaving negative reviews a one-star on the totally different app.

The inability of users to locate find the original Threads App may have left them discouraged and exhausted so much so that even after Facebook came out to clarify the confusion, users were no longer persuaded to download the app.

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, is yet to issue an official statement concerning the poor response of users to the much-hyped Threads App.

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