Why Nigerians Will Choose Atiku


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Nigerians are rational beings, who know best what they want and can determine by themselves who has all the credentials to deliver their expectations come 2019. For now there is no such politician that can deliver the country from its numerous challenges and make life better for Nigerians than Atiku Abubakar, Waziri Adamawa for the following reasons:


Atiku is very well prepared to provide good leadership for our dear country. Everyone knows that he is the most experienced politician in modern Nigeria. He has not only contributed immensely to the foundation of modern Nigeria’s democracy but also to its growth and sustainability. Atiku is ready and has what it takes to regain Nigeria’s lost glory and restore its good image in the community of nations. No doubt, the PDP will present him with the ticket to knock out the APC in 2019.


Atiku will create jobs for the millions of unemployed youth and the masses. As an individual, Atiku has demonstrated his capacity to do this by employing thousands of youth in his private business. When majority of the youth are employed, youth restiveness will reduce drastically.


Atiku will save the crippling economic situation in Nigeria. As a successful businessman, he has the requisite experience, expertise, national and international connections that can be deployed to recover Nigeria’s economy from total collapse and put it on the wheel of progress. Atiku has better ideas to restructure and diversify the economy, create the enabling environment for businesses to thrive, which every Nigerian who wants to do business will benefit from, be it small, medium or large scale business.


No one will doubt that Atiku has the right qualities to promote unity and national integration. He is a nationalist to the core and the most detribalized Nigerian politician of our time. He put Nigeria first at the centre of his political struggles. He has respect and recognition for every Nigerian irrespective of differences in terms of ethnic, tribal, religious or regional affiliations. Atiku listens to everyone, whether young or old and will certainly accommodate creative ideas from every Nigerians that will help move our country forward.


Atiku will fight corruption in line with the rule of law, with equity and justice. Unlike the biased prosecutions, we presently see. Atiku will not shield anyone found to be corrupt or consider some people untouchables. Atiku’s plans to diversify the economy will even make the private sector more attractive than the public sector, which will help reduce corruption drastically.

These are some of the very things the present APC-led government could not deliver and that is why Nigeria has failed to make meaningful progress since 2015. More than ever before, Nigerians are hungry, they are hopeless, they are jobless, they are not sure of safe under the APC-led goverment. In short, Nigerians have not seen any positive or progressive change.

Because Nigerians know what they want, I am sure that they will patronise Atiku, Waziri Adamawa for what they know he can do for his dear country. With Atiku as Nigerian’s president, there will certainly be job creation and youth development, economic recovery, infrastructure development, democracy and constitutionalism, national unity and integration. Therefore, come 2019, Nigerians will certainly vote for ATIKU while the APC will finally go into extinction unceremoniously.

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