Why other pastors hated TB Joshua – Fani-Kayode


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Former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode says late Prophet TB Joshua attracted “a bit of envy and jealousy from his peers” because he was a star in Christendom.

He stated this in an interview with Premium Times while reacting to the scepticism of some clerics about the late prophet’s ways.

Fani-Kayode, who was a friend to TB Joshua, said any scepticism about the late prophet was “misplaced”.

“There is no big man of God in this country that I do not know and respect. Like all human beings they all have their weaknesses and strengths. If they were sceptical about T.B. Joshua, that is their choice and view. That is merely their opinion of him and they are entitled to it. I do not share that view. More importantly, I do not need anyone’s validation to make me feel good about myself and neither did T.B. Joshua. Let God judge us all. He alone sees our hearts and knows what we do behind closed doors. He alone knows whether we are truly good or evil.

“All I know is that, from all I saw and witnessed, this man Prophet T.B. Joshua was a good man who served a mighty God to the best of his abilities and he did so well. He shook the world for Jesus and he won many souls for Christ. He was a star in Christendom and like all stars, he was bound to attract a bit of envy and jealousy from his peers. I am not sure any Nigerian living or dead has had as much of an impact on the gospel worldwide as T.B. Joshua did. Go to places like South America and South-East Asia or Israel and you will be shocked by his following and the impact he had on the lives of ordinary people,” Fani-Kayode said.

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Fani-Kayode added, “He was also close to many world leaders but kept it close to his chest. He never flaunted his connections or his relationships. His legacy is outstanding and many of his peers cannot handle that because they felt that his humble beginnings did not warrant or deserve it. On his part T.B. Joshua did not give a damn, he never defended himself publicly and he just kept looking to God and doing his work. And he did all this with the greatest humility, always being polite and kind even to his greatest detractors. He was much misunderstood, often misrepresented, often falsely accused and often maligned but the truth is that he was a very good man that was totally dedicated to his flock, his family and to his work.

“The same way in which the Jews hated Jesus is the way many in the Kingdom hated T.B. Joshua. Even in death, some have insulted him. I do not see or know the basis or justification for such hate and I believe it is evil and divisive.

“It is actually a shame and a disgrace for any Man of God to hate another. The Bible says “who is he that lays a charge before elect?” It says “it is Christ that justifies”. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ Himself said, “let he who is free of sin cast the first stone”. Who are these people that speak ill of T.B. Joshua and judge him? Are they God? Are they angels? Are they infallible? Are they perfect?

“Unlike many others, T.B. Joshua did not judge others and he did not think only of his pocket. He thought of humanity. And I do not know any man of God in this country or outside this country that cared and catered for the poor and needy like him.

“Maybe that is why a few of them hated him. He reminded them of what they ought to be doing but are not doing. I do not know and I do not care. I respected him, I loved him, I admired him and I always will.”


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