Why police invited my wife and I – Mr Ibu


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More revelations have continued to emerge in the family feud of comic actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu.

Recall that Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella, had told a popular blogger, Gistlover, on Friday that the actor has a romantic relationship with his supposed daughter, Jasmine.

She added that Jasmine has taken over her husband’s Instagram account in an attempt to dupe him because he suffers from dementia and can’t remember things.

Stella also stated that her children are not attending school because Jasmine has been receiving all of her husband’s income and that she must go through her before receiving money from her husband.

Gistlover published a video showing Mr Ibu fuming at his wife while threatening to unleash his anger on her if she did not tell him her problem with Jasmine.

Another clip showed Stella crying while alleging that Mr. Ibu came from his girlfriend’s house to beat her up.

But debunking the claim in an Instagram Live session with Daddy Freeze, said that Jasmine Okafor, is his adopted daughter.

Mr Ibu, who featured on the session with his second son, Daniel, said that Stella is his second wife and that she is aware that Jasmine is his adopted daughter before he married her.

The actor went on to say that he has been taking care of his wife and children, and that he has even bought her cars, which she has sold without giving him a dime.

He said that the family issue became a police case after it emerged.

“I have a wife and I live with her in the same house, my house here in Lagos, there has been so much misunderstanding between us, just because she doesn’t understand who I am, and my kind of life.

“And then one or two things happened, it became a quarrel, so we went all out in the police station to settle it. And everyone knew that she had been preparing one or two things online.

“So when we were in the back house because we were not living together at the same time. Because of the kind of person that she is. She began to broadcast to me, so I said ok, it’s fine, I did not do anything to her.

“When we left the police station, they said please you should not go to the net, you should not do anything until tomorrow when the case is over, but she couldn’t wait until tomorrow, and started insulting me on the net,” Mr Ibu said.


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