Why policemen are Nigeria’s most powerful set of people – Retired sergeant


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A retired police sergeant, Fidelis Ogili says Nigerian policemen are the most powerful set of people in the country.

He said that this was so because the nation’s laws gave them leeway to act as they pleased.

Ogili, who voluntarily retired in May 1999 after 17 years in service, disclosed this while reacting to the ongoing protests against police brutality.

“Policemen in Nigeria are the most powerful set of people because our laws allow them to get away with it.

Retired police sergeant

“That is why most policemen do all manner of things such as committing murder and getting away with anything.

“The law says they can arrest and detain one if they suspect one.

“They can break into one’s house if they suspect that something wrong is going on there and there is no one to check if they took the right decisions.

“So, they can arrest and detain people and nobody will ask them questions, except when their actions affect the rich, wealthy or political bigwigs.

“Or if the media get hold of the story and demand accountability. Otherwise, an average Nigerian is at the mercy of a wrong policeman,” Ogili said.

However, the ex-cop said it would be wrong to blame the rot in the police solely on policemen.

“For example, in police stations, there are supposed to be statement papers provided by the police authorities for officers investigating cases.

“There should be pen, uniforms and vehicles that have fuel. But all those things were not provided for policemen.

“As a policeman, one would buy one’s shoes, uniforms, pen, statement papers, fuel for patrol cars and ID cards.

“This is where I fault the system and the police authorities for not doing well,” he told Saturday Punch.

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