Wife of Killer Cop, Derek Chauvin applies to court for Change of name

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Kellie Chauvin, wife of Derek Chauvin has applied for a change of name and wants no share of their finances after the divorce is finalized.

Kellie who filed for dissolution of her mariage to Derek Chauvin, three days after videos showed her husband kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for about 9 minutes, has approached a court to change her name.

According to The Sun who obtained copies of the court papers, Kellie despite being unemployed says she does not want any form of financial assistance from Derek.

Part of the court papers reads “Respondent is capable of taking care of herself” as both spouses have already waived their rights to “temporary or permanent spousal maintenance,”

It would be noted that Kellie was once a Radiologist at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, coincidentally the hospital where George Floyd took his last breath.

Chauvin’s estranged wife who was a former beauty Queen ‘Mrs Minnesota” has gone a step further to discard her last name because of the divorce. Excerpts of the court papers read, “As part of this proceeding, Petitioner shall adopt a new legal name. She is seeking a name change solely because of this marriage dissolution.”

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